repurposed: pallet display shelf

Our first project, completed!!! To be honest, the only thing I did on this pallet was take the pictures of it and then decorate it. My husband, Josh, did everything else. Our inspiration was from pinterest. I had seen it posted several times but once I showed Josh he mentioned that his work had some pallets that he could pull one from for us.

First thing he did was remove one of the slats from the face of the pallet. After that he sanded the pallet down. We liked the natural feel of the wood and didn’t want it too smooth feeling, so he applied only enough sanding to remove anything that might cause a splinter later down the road.

After he sanded it he stained it. He used two stains. One a pine wood stain and the other a dark walnut stain for the sides of each slat.


Once the stain dried and the pallet was hung, I got to have fun decorating it. It is hung in our master bedroom on the wall across from our bed. I really like how it turned out. And it brings me much joy each morning I wake up and see it.


Pallet: Free

Pine Stain 1/2 quart: $6 ( The 1/2 quart was $12. He only used half for this project)

Walnut Stain 1/2 pint: $1 (The 1/2 pint was $4. He used hardly any of it for this project)

OOK, 100 pound, 12 inch Wall Mount: $12

Total cost: $19